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Why Your Next Chair Needs to Be an Adjustable Chair

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Adjustable chairs allow for proper positioning and movement of the hip joint when seated. The wrong of the hip joint when sitting is a major factor in lower back pain. When you sit correctly, the muscles in your quadriceps and hamstrings function properly as well, further protecting you from back pain.

The angle of your hip joint actually affects how much your lower back is curved. The human spine naturally has a curve to it, and it is important to accommodate for that curve when sitting.

Sitting straight up with your back parallel to your backrest may sound ideal, but it is actually better to have a slight curve in your position.

These are all changes that you can make with an adjustable chair. The proper sitting technique is essential to optimizing your workflow. It can become difficult to be productive and focus on your work when your back is screaming out in pain.

When you sit comfortably and strain-free, you’re able to work for longer periods of time and perform better overall. It makes the experience of working more enjoyable as well.

Furthermore, your body will benefit from good sitting habits in the future. As we get older, our bodies break down gradually, and one of the first areas to commonly be affected is the spine.

Avoid the agony and engage yourself fully with your work by getting an adjustable chair. It’s 2021. The days of stiff wooden and steel chairs are long gone. It’s time to upgrade your workplace and your lifestyle with a flexible, highly versatile chair.


The first step in finding the perfect sitting position for you is adjusting the height of your chair. A solid adjustable chair will allow you to shift the height of the seat, as well as the backrest and headrest.

A great rule of thumb is to always keep your knees level with your hips. The angle of your hip joints should be neutral, not facing upward or downward. Your hips should feel relaxed and comfortable.

If your knees are above your hips while sitting, your chair is too low. If your knees are below your hips, your chair is too high. Both of these situations usually lead to lower back pain.

If your chair is too high and you find your feet dangling in the air while sitting, place a footrest beneath you. Make sure that your feet can reach the floor easily. You should keep your feet flat on the floor when working.

Setting your chair to a proper height can reduce muscle fatigue and strain in the spine. Good posture also promotes oxygen and blood circulation.



One of the main reasons for lower back pain is the misalignment of the hips and pelvis while sitting. Though you can adjust the height of your seat to better fit your pelvis, you can’t really get the perfect angle for your pelvis without a tiltable seat.

A tiltable seat allows your hips to slide back and forth, as well as angle itself up and down. The proper sitting position for your pelvis should place the ASIS (or Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) and PSIS (or Posterior Superior Iliac Spine) structures level to each other. These structures are found on the front and back of the pelvic bones, respectively. When sitting correctly, your lower back should have a slight arch to it and have minimal pressure on it.

Most people sit with their pelvis tilted backward, a position called posterior pelvic tilt or sacral-sitting. In this state, the ASIS is higher than the PSIS, and more weight is distributed to the sacrum than to the ischial tuberosities, which should be holding the weight.

Sitting like this causes the pelvis to tilt backward, flexing the lumbar spine and straining the ligaments and muscles in the lower back. Posterior pelvic tilt also places more pressure on the lumbar discs.



Everybody knows that they should sit with correct posture, but most people fail to stick to that posture consistently. With an adjustable chair set up to suit your specific needs, your tendency to sit with good posture will increase.

Having an adjustable chair promotes perfect posture naturally. When you sit in an uncomfortable or poorly designed chair, your back will begin to slouch and bend on its own. This happens because of discomfort and stress on the spine.

Slouching can be caused by internal factors as well. Your slouching could be caused by limited hip flexion range of motion, tight hamstrings, obesity, or a weak core. Externally, your slouching is more than likely caused by the design of your chair.

Even with an adjustable chair, though, it is wise to keep a close eye on your posture and make sure you’re taking care of your back. To achieve the best possible posture, sit up straight with your chest raised. Lean against the backrest of your chair without leaving any space between your back and the backrest.

Keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to your side. If using a computer or laptop, make sure your screen is placed high enough so you’re not looking down at it while working. Doing so can hurt your neck.

Lastly, relax your body as you work. You want to keep your body relatively straight, but you don’t want to add any additional pressure by tensing up.

Take as many breaks as possible. If possible, every half hour or so, take a minute or two to pace around and stretch. Simply getting out of the sitting position once in a while can help maintain oxygen and blood flow and bring relief to your tense muscles and joints.



In addition to the many health benefits of adjustable chairs, another reason you should consider buying one is how flat-out comfortable they are. Most adjustable chairs, especially ergonomic ones, are constructed with higher quality materials than standard office chairs.

You may find that your adjustable chair has a thicker and more plush cushion on its seat and back. These cushions may even be contoured to fit your body better when sitting. Some adjustable chairs have extra lumbar support weaved into their design as well.

Being comfortable while you work is often overlooked. In reality, it should be a priority. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours sitting at your desk every day, doesn’t it make sense to do it comfortably?



Adjustable chairs can dramatically improve back pain and strengthen your spine overall. By promoting a sitting posture that correctly positions the shoulders, arms, hips, and spine, you can feel at peace while you work without fear of pain.

A quality chair significantly reduces the amount of abnormal strain placed on the body from day-to-day sitting. You’d be surprised at how much we put ourselves through by just sitting down in chairs. Simply put, adjustable chairs allow for a working experience that simply is not possible with a regular office chair.

The human spine is not a stiff, immobile structure. It’s flexible and needs to be able to move around. Its counterparts like the arms and hips need to be allowed to move also. An adjustable chair allows for the custom fit that you need. Everybody’s body is different. For that reason, it is practically impossible to sit properly with a featureless chair.

Adjustable chairs can help relieve a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, mid-back pain, and lower back pain. An adjustable chair will be worth it in the long run, both for your body and for your sake of mind.

You don’t want to be at risk of more serious health issues down the line, all because of your chair. Our spines are essentially what hold our bodies together. It controls and affects various other parts of the body. It should not be neglected. At kinnls, we provide the highest quality adjustable chairs on the market. 

Furthermore, our chairs are designed to be slouch-proof, featuring a height-adjustable, tiltable seat. They also feature height-adjustable, foldaway arms to allow you to get as close to your desk as possible without strain.