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Cowhide furniture is more versatile than you think

Cowhide furniture is more versatile than you think

Kinnls |

Cowhide furniture is more versatile than you think.

Think how cozy it would be to have a cowhide chair in the corner of your living room by the bookshelves or in the office for extra seating for impromptu meetings. The cowhide chair is made with natural cowhide and soft leather. It is silky smooth to touch and its rich colors will give the space a decadent feel.

Cowhide chairs are also very durable and easy to care for. Simply use hand soap or bar soap and a dry cloth to clean up any spills.

Cowhide furniture adds texture.

Cowhide furniture is generally a neat combination of cowhide print and leather adding some texture into the space. The softness of the cowhide print contrasts nicely with the smoother leather finish of the couch adding an interesting level to the design.

The added texture also enhances the comfort of the couch or chair. You will love snuggling up in it and reading your favorite book this winter. You can also get a couch or chair complete covered in cowhide which will give you even softer snuggling.

Cowhide furniture offers a sophisticated touch.

There is just something about cowhide that looks and feels so elegant. If you are trying to create an elegant, sophisticated space, then cowhide furniture can definitely up the ante for you. 

Cowhide works with any style you choose.

Another great thing about cowhide furniture is that it works with so much more than just country western style décor. For instance, if you have a living room that is filled mostly with neutral colors on the walls and floor, think about how a cowhide leather couch could bring some pizzazz to the room. And if you love a more eclectic style, than it can even go well with more modern décor like glass and steel or a romantic theme. The richness of the patterns on the furniture and the variety of colors can really brighten up any room in your home.

No matter which type of theme you try to incorporate cowhide furniture into, just make sure you mix and match cowhide furniture subtly with other pieces so you don’t make the room feel too busy with so many patterns and colors swirling around.

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