Please contact Kinnls consumer service email: service@kinnls.com. Our personnel  will be able to access information regarding your specific order.

Please contact Kinnls consumer service email: service@kinnls.com. Our consumer service specialist will contact the assistant who are best equipped to resolve any issues with your specific order. Kinnls has trained furniture technicians on staff or on call that can help you with service concerns, and Kinnls will work with them to resolve any warranty matters for you.

To schedule a service call, please contact +1 (213) 723-8550 or email service@kinnls.com. The service technician will determine the best course of action after inspecting the furniture in question.

Kinnls is very proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on manufacturing defects in case goods furniture for the life of the original owner. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for your specific items.

Solid wood furniture is often the preferred choice of fine furniture collectors due to its beauty, strength, ease of repair, and longevity. Kinnls uses the widest boards possible, in fairly even widths, with well-matched grain patterns for the most appealing furniture. Using many narrow or varied-width boards is not attractive, and is usually an indicator of lesser-quality manufacture. Nearly all Kinnls drawer fronts are crafted from a single board rather than multiple boards glued together. It is more labor-intensive to make our furniture this way, but we believe the beauty and integrity of the finished product is worth it. Please review the Kinnls Construction Features for a full list of unique Kinnls engineering.

Simply put, veneer is a thin slice of wood. Good veneers are approximately the thickness of a credit card. Some veneers can be as thin as a sheet of tablet paper. There are times when veneer construction is preferable to solid wood construction because of its versatility and resistance to expansion and contraction.

In general, caring for your Kinnls furniture is as easy as light dusting and occasionally wiping with a slightly dampened soft cloth, and protecting it from damaging extremes. Please refer to our Kinnls’s FurnitureCare guidefor more advice on caring for your fine furniture. Specific care questions not answered can be directed to us.

You should use extreme caution when storing solid wood furniture for any length of time, even when it’s stored in a “climate-controlled” facility. Extreme variations in temperature and humidity can harm the wood and the finish, in some cases causing irreparable damage. If your furniture is damaged due to these circumstances, it will not be covered under your warranty.

The crinkle noise from most luxury cushions is caused by the down-proof ticking material that is used to construct the cushion inserts. This is a very expensive, densely woven material designed to add body and support to the cushion, while preventing the feathers from poking through the surface. The characteristic sound is the ticking material flexing inside the cushion.

Fabric and leather care varies widely depending upon the fabric or leather characteristics. There are many products available for cleaning leather and upholstery, but what works on one item may ruin another, so please use caution. Always test products in an inconspicuous area before applying. If you have a specific care question about your Kinnls Fine Upholstery or Leather furniture, please contact our consumer service.

Fabrics: Regular vacuuming or light brushing will prevent the build-up of dust and grime which can damage the fabric over time. For specific stain removal, it may be necessary to contact a professional cleaner. Please do not machine wash Kinnls fabric casings, but use a quality dry cleaner when cleaning is necessary. Please refer to our Furniture Care page.

Leathers: Regular vacuuming or dusting with a clean white cloth will prevent the build-up of dust and grime which can damage your leather furniture over time. Specific cleaning instructions vary widely depending upon the type of leather being treated. Kinnls would provide you with information regarding the type of leather on your furniture if you don’t have that information. Blot (don’t rub) spills as quickly as possible to avoid stains. It is advisable to contact a professional leather cleaner to remove most stains. Uncoated leathers, such as aniline, semi-aniline and nubuck, have surfaces which can readily absorb liquids and oils. Avoid using soaps or creams on these leathers. Coated leathers, such as pigmented leather, are more resilient, and can be cleaned occasionally with a slightly damp soft white cloth and mild soap. Always test the cleaning method on an inconspicuous location before cleaning the leather.

Due to the changes of cost and market, Kinnls will adjust the product price at times.
If the product price goes up, the customer don’t need to compensate the price difference.
If the product price goes down, the customer can contact Kinnls within five working days and get the price difference to the original purchase account after receiving the product. No compensation will be made if more than 5 working days.
(ATTN:Price drops don't include the use of discount code. It only refer to the reduction in the selling price. The customer can subscribe or contact us for discount code. Click "show order summary" to enter code if you purchase in mobile device.)