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Lori Stehpult

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The cellier standing desk offers multiple ergonomic options for your work environment.


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ERGONOMIC DESIGN Freely adjust the desk height to safeguard your lumbar spine, catering to individuals of various heights, including children, men, and women.

SAFE & SLIENT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT】The stable carbon steel lifting frame ensures safety, and the adjustment button includes a child lock to prevent accidental injuries to children.

EFFICIENT WIRELESS CHARGING】Boost your work and study efficiency with the integrated wireless charging design, minimizing cable clutter and providing seamless device charging.

PREMIUM FRAME】Crafted with multi-layer solid wood panels, this desk features a durable and dirt-proof baking paint coating on the top, maintaining a fresh appearance even after extended use.

AMPLE STORAGE】The desk is equipped with three large-capacity drawers.

Product Details

Cellier electric height adjustable standing desk combines functionality, innovation, beauty, and ergonomic design to offer you the most healthy way to work.

Cellier Best Standing Desk-design
Cellier Best Standing Desk--dimensions


  • 55x27: 55.11" W x 27.36" D x 29.52-53.54"H
  • 62x27: 62.99" W x 27.36" D x 29.52-53.54"H
  • Lift Range: 24.02" (29.52-53.54")
  • Net Weight (desk): 154.32 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs
  • Memory: 4 presets
  • Operating Noise: ≤45DB


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Multi-Functions in One Design

The dual motors and four-stage lift columns let you easily switch from sitting to standing. With height-adjustable design, you can customize the height to your needs and stretch your legd through out the day.

It also features a programmable memory controller to ensure that you can always reach the perfect height.

Take A Closer Look

  • cellier best standing desk-simple controls

    Simple Controls

    There are 4 levels of buttons that can control the height.

  • cellier best standing desk-durable surface

    Durable Surface

    High-quality multi-layer solid wood desktop that is impermeable and not prone to mold.

  • Cellier Best Standing Desk-stable frame

    Stable Frame

    The carbon steel lifting frame and dual motor design for a stable and quiet raise.

  • cellier best standing desk-wireless charging

    Wireless Charging

    Built-in power strip and wireless charging design are both practical and convenient.

  • cellier best standing desk-reserve plug-in space

    Reserved plug-in space

    Save more space and make your desktop look cleaner.

  • Scene of Cellier Best Standing Desk

    Sturdy Base 

    Solid wood table feet provides strong support up to 330lbs.

Inspire Your Space

cellier best standing desk-detail 4
cellier best standing desk-detail 1

Bundle Sale

Cellier Standing Desk +
Vane Massage Office Chair

Discover new levels of productivity and style with our products.


Where are your desks made?

Our desks are all manufactured in the United States, and we have a large manufacturing facility in California.

What are the work surfaces made of?

Panel material: Multi-layer solid ashwood board

Table leg material: Carbon steel

Drawers: Pinewood

Dual motor: Pure copper motor

How stable are the desks?

Our desks can support a weight of up to 330 lbs, which is equivalent to 0.04 elephants.

What is the setup or reset process for electric desks?

Cellier Adjustable Height desk frames are powered by electricity, so they need to be plugged into a socket for it to work. If the power supply is cut, it can be used as a static height table. Please note that the height of the table will be retained from when it was last adjusted prior to cutting the power supply.

Is the product stress tested?

Yes, our products undergo professional certification, and the lifting mechanism is tested through 500 cycles of up and down movements to ensure durability and reliability.

How to assemble this desk?

Assembly Manual: Cellier Standing Desk

Assembly Video: Cellier Standing Desk

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cool Desk

COOL STANDING DESK!!! I purchased this standing desk to give me an option to stand while at my computer. I was looking for a solution to reduce my chiropractic visits and allow me to work in different positions, while still being able to engage in my work. The desk has quite a bit of space for being a small desk. Putting the desk together was easy and straightforward, along with the instructions for programming comfortable heights for sitting in different chairs and standing at different heights. I was able to do it myself and began using it immediately. Its worth the money to me so far and has given me multiple options in height ranges which makes work fly by!

Best desk!!!

My initial goal was to use strictly as a standing desk so I didnt find myself sitting all day long. It easily adjusts from up to down with the buttons and theres a manual that shows exactly how to save a certain height and address any mechanical errors you could receive. Its heavy and made well. Its become the family desk. It can be lowered to
Standard size and my daughter does her art there! Its quiet when switching heights. Fairly neutral wood color. We love it!

The perfect desk

If you are looking for the perfect desk look no further. Its cute, great quality, super convenient for anyones high and preferences. Has a charging port that its amazing. Comes with wheels that you can easily install that I love for easy cleaning and moving around for my convenience. But must of all! Easy to install, instructions clear and easy to read!

Charles Sr.Corey
Game-changer for my workday

I recently upgraded my home office setup with an electric standing desk, and it has been an absolute game-changer for my workday.The ability to adjust the desk's height with the touch of a button is a true luxury. Whether I want to sit down and focus intently or stand up to stretch my legs and reduce back strain, it's effortless and quick to find the perfect height.I opted for a model with a generous work surface, which easily accommodates my dual monitors, keyboard, mouse, and additional peripherals. It's spacious enough to keep all my essentials within arm's reach.

Im glad I bought this standing desk

Im glad I had a helper to assemble it. It took us about 2 hours but its worth it. Im very happy with it. Its performance is nice and straight forward. I havent purchased a chair and I dont miss it. Ill eventually buy a chair down the road with no rush. Its drawer its nice, Im glad it doesnt have a knob or handle making the desk look that it costs more than what I paid for. :)


Lori Stehpult

Ab $1,595.00 USD $2,099.00

Lori Hebe tisch ist ein Computer tisch mit einem elektrischen Hubsc halter aus Massivholz und einem intelligenten automatischen Doppel motor. Dieser Schreibtisch ist sehr modern und trendy. Es lässt Ihr Zuhause stilvoll aussehen und Sie können aus drei Farben wählen: klassisches Schwarz, Cremeweiß und Walnuss. Dieser Schreibtisch ist für sitzende Büro angestellte geeignet. Die Höhe des Schreibtisches kann jederzeit während der Arbeit angepasst werden, sodass Sie stehen oder sitzen können, um Ihrer Augenhöhe zu entsprechen. Schützen Sie die Lendenwirbel säule und leben Sie ein gesundes Leben. Beginnen Sie mit einem smarten, verstellbaren Schreibtisch mit doppeltem Verwendung zweck.


Produkt details

Diese Schreibtisch Hat eine 4-Gang-Memory-Lift-Anpassungs funktion. Einstellbar Schreibtisch Höhe von 24,8 Zoll bis 49,2 Zoll. Silent Dual-Motorantrieb macht das Heben reibungsloser. Diese Schreibtisch Hat auch eine Kinder verriegelung funktion, eine abnormale Schwerkraft erkennungs funktion usw. und die maximale Tragfähigkeit beträgt 150kg.

Das Design einer Push-Hubbuchse und des kabellosen Ladens spart mehr Platz auf dem Desktop.

Wir verwenden einen A3-Kohlenstoffstahlrahmen mit hoher Helligkeit, Rost beständigkeit, Kratz festigkeit, Verschleiß festigkeit und Stabilität.

Paket beinhaltet:

-1 Schreibtisch

-1 Set von Montage werkzeugen

-1 Benutzer handbuch


  • 55.11"
  • 62.99"


  • Mit drahtloser Aufladung
  • Mit drahtloser Aufladung
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