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For us, nothing is more important than home. And there’s no home that needs more care than our planet. That’s why we’re taking all the right steps now to create a greener future, with the goal to be carbon neutral in our showrooms, warehouses, and corporate offices by 2040.


    We have the 200,00 square feet furniture showroom certified as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

    #What We're Doing Now

    Good design isn’t just for our furniture, which stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

    Using building control systems, we’ve actually reduced our total electricity use while adding more showroom space.

    #Where We're Going

    By 2040, our plan is to run nearly all showrooms on renewable energy, which will offset our electric use and help achieve our goal of carbon neutrality.


    100% of our trucks use Natural Gas and we are starting our transition to Renewable Natural Gas this year.

    #What We're Doing Now

    We make thousands of deliveries every year, so every mile we drive matters.

    To reduce our impact, we converted our entire delivery truck fleet to run on natural gas.

     #Where We're Going

    Clean skies are ahead. By 2040, our delivery fleet will be carbon neutral, running on natural gas and electric trucks powered by renewable energy.


    We recycle 98% of all operational waste using our own state-of-the-art recycling center.

    #What We’re Doing Now

    It’s always been our mission to make the world a better place.So, we built a state-of-the-art recycling center in our warehouse to recycle almost everything that comes through the doors.That equals 6 million pounds of waste kept out of landfills every year.

     #Where We’re Going

    And as we move towards 2040, we’re looking to close that gap to 100%.

    We’re also making big operational changes, which includes switching to electric equipment, adding solar charging stations,

    and replacing acid batteries with eco-friendly lithium ion batteries.