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Do massage office chairs use a lot of electricity?

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Massage office chairs are a popular choice for many workplaces and home offices because they combine ergonomic design with relaxation. However, many people are concerned about one question: do these chairs consume a lot of electricity? In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the energy usage of massage office chairs, their impact on electricity bills, and ways to optimize their power consumption.

Do massage office chairs use a lot of electricity?

Massage office chair working principle

Massage office chairs are mechanized chairs that simulate massage using an internal system of gears and motors. These chairs help relieve muscle tension and soreness while the user is sitting or lying down.

The best massage chairs utilize robotic technology that adjusts the internal system to fit each user's body, intelligently targeting pressure points and muscles in need of relief. Each manufacturer uses slightly different technology to provide a unique massage experience.

To simulate a full-body massage with a human hand, massage chairs rely on an array of motors, gears, levers, rollers, and advanced electronics.

Simple massage chairs use motors that produce steady vibrations, similar to those found in cell phones. The motor is attached to wheels with an unbalanced center of gravity, and the wheels wobble as they rotate, creating vibrations.

More advanced massage chairs use rubber rollers to provide a hand-like massage. The rollers move along a track in the back of the chair, and on some models they are also in the leg cushions. Advanced massage chairs have rollers that move side to side, up and down, from the neck to the buttocks. Some are also equipped with rollers that move in and out to provide different intensities and pressures.

Massage chairs can contain anywhere from four to a hundred inflatable bags, called airbags, usually on the chair's arm and leg cushions. These airbags inflate and deflate during the massage for gentle compression therapy. The airbags are connected to a compressor via a hose and can be programmed to "breathe" at different speeds.

Power consumption of massage office chairs

Average Power Consumption

  • The average power consumption of massage office chairs ranges from about 200 to 300 watts per hour, depending on the features of the chair, such as heat therapy, airbag systems, and zero gravity features.
  • Some premium massage office chairs have a maximum power output of only about 200 watts, which is less than most household appliances.
  • Even if you use it once a day, it will have little impact on your monthly electricity bill.

Factors that affect electricity

  • Massage office chair power usage is affected by a number of factors, including its features, frequency of use, and model and brand.
  • If you use your massage office chair frequently and choose high intensity settings and longer periods of use, it will consume more power. Conversely, lower intensity settings and shorter periods of use will consume less power.

Massage Office Chair Electricity Calculator

Example Calculation

  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Daily Use: 1 hour
  • Monthly Consumption: 100W * 1 hour/day * 30 days = 3000Wh or 3kWh
  • Cost: If electricity costs $0.13 per kWh, the additional cost is $0.39 per month.
Power consumption of massage office chairs

Comparison of electricity consumption

Massage office chair vs. ordinary office chair

There are significant differences between massage office chairs and regular office chairs in terms of power consumption. Here are some key points:

  • Massage office chairs: typically require about 180 to 220 watts of electricity to run.
  • Regular office chairs: Regular office chairs without the power massage feature consume essentially no electricity.
  • Comparison: Although massaging office chairs consume electricity, the added power consumption is not that much compared to a regular office chair.

Comparison of massage office chairs with home appliances

Compared with home appliances, massage office chairs have lower power consumption:

  • Massage office chairs: Electricity consumption is about 180 to 220 watts.
  • Personal computers: Power consumption is around 100 to 200 watts.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Electricity consumption is about 1000 watts.
  • Washing machine: Electricity consumption is about 3000 watts.
  • Air conditioner: Electricity consumption is approximately 4100 watts.
  • Comparison: Massage office chairs consume far less electricity than most household appliances, and even less than personal computers.

Massage office chair power consumption table

Model Power Consumption (Watts) Features
Real Relax 2022 Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair 200W Full-body coverage, six massage programs, lower-back heating, one-touch zero-gravity mode, adjustable massage intensity
Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair 100W 6-point vibrating massage, upper and lower back massage, lumbar area massage, adjustable height, remote control, automatic shutdown
Healgen Massage Office Chair 120W Racing-style, lumbar support, headrest pillow, adjustable footrest, reclining function up to 155º
BestMassage High Back Ergonomic Massage Office Chair 150W BIFMA-certified heavy-duty metal base, vibration and kneading massage modes, 360-degree range of motion
Vinsetto Grey Microfiber Cloth Massage Office Chair 140W 6 massage points, height-adjustable seat, high back, 360° swivel seat, remote-controlled operation
Cozzia CZ-640 Massage Chair 175W 2D Human-like VarioMotion mechanism, zero gravity, heated knee therapy, quad roller massage, Bluetooth connectivity, foot and sole roller massage

Ways to Save Electricity on Massage Office Chairs

  • Choosing the right massage intensity: Using a lower or moderate massage intensity can reduce energy consumption.
  • Turn off unnecessary functions: If you don't need the heat or vibration functions, you can turn them off to reduce energy consumption.
  • Use the timer: Set the massage time to avoid unnecessary power consumption for a long time.
  • Set a reasonable length of use: no more than 15 minutes per massage.
  • Concentrate massage time: Use the massage chair at a specific time of the day.
  • Shared use: Share your massage chair with coworkers in the office to reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Buy an energy-efficient model: Choose a model with energy efficiency certification.
  • View the energy label: Choose a model with lower energy consumption, such as Energy Star certified products.
  • Consider long-term costs: Energy-efficient models have a higher initial investment, but save money in the long term with lower power consumption.
Ways to Save Electricity on Massage Office Chairs

Choosing the Right Massage Office Chair

When choosing a massage office chair, it is important to consider energy efficiency, comfort, and functionality. Look for chairs that have adjustable settings, quality materials, and favorable reviews.


Massage office chairs do offer a lot of benefits in terms of comfort and relaxation without significantly increasing your electricity bill. By choosing the right model and using it wisely, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage chair while minimizing your energy consumption.

Massage Office Chair Power Consumption FAQ

1. Are there energy efficient massage office chairs available?

There are indeed massage office chairs on the market that are designed to be energy efficient. Some chairs are equipped with energy-saving features such as low-power heating and vibration massage modes, as well as timers to ensure that no electricity is consumed when not in use. These chairs usually use high efficiency motors and energy efficient materials that reduce energy consumption.

2. How much does it cost to run a massage office chair?

The cost of running a massage office chair depends on the frequency of use, the massage mode and the cost of electricity. Generally, mobile massage services cost between $60 and $95 per hour. If you consider the average power consumption and frequency of use of a massage chair, you can estimate the cost of electricity per month. For example, if a massage chair has an average power consumption of 100 watts and is used for 1 hour per day, the monthly cost of electricity will be about US$3 (assuming that the cost of electricity is US$0.1 per kWh).

3. What is the environmental impact of using a massage office chair?

The environmental impacts of using massage office chairs are mainly at various stages of their life cycle. The production process may use non-renewable materials and high carbon emission manufacturing processes. And at the end of use, massage chairs may become part of landfills, adding to the environmental burden. Therefore, choosing massage chairs made from recyclable materials with energy-saving features can reduce the environmental impact.