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We are determined to stop the degradation of the earth

Today, attitudes towards sustainability have shifted dramatically, and it is virtually a necessity for any successful business to participate in green initiatives.As consumers worldwide demand sustainable products across a variety of fields, every industry must adapt to satisfy their requests. Furniture customers are no different, and sustainable furniture – whether for home, office, or entertainment venue – has become a highly sought-after product.

Kinnls' mission, as defined by the Kinnls Philosophy, is "Bring Happiness For All", and the vision is "Create Your Inspired Lifestyle". We have always been committed to contributing to the overall good, so our approach to business is in line with the vision of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our perspective on sustainability Strategy flows from our desire to do good for society.

How Kinnls Are Responding

Five Main Trends

– Reduced Emissions,
– Sustainable Finance,
– Sustainable Supply Chain,
– Circular Solutions,
– Sustainable Consumption.

While we focus on making our inside world as cozy as possible, it’s important we keep the outside world healthy and safe. That’s why we implement leading sustainable manufacturing practices and use recycled materials.By finding ways to use less electricity, water, and other resources, as well as ways to reduce the amount of waste we put into landfills, we finetune our processes and pack even more value into every product.

1. By keeping the wood dry before burning, rather than storing it in the open air, we can produce nearly twice as much BTU energy from a fuel source that is already green, which makes our manufacture in workshop of California be more fuel-efficient by burning recycled wood chips and sawdust.

2. By reinstalling the LED bulbs, our energy usage has been reduced by 60%. Since we no longer have to deal with fluorescent bulbs, there is a source of hazardous waste eliminated. An added bonus is that reinstalling the bulbs improves visibility throughout the plant, which helps us focus more closely on wood quality and finally, the result is a significant reduction in energy use.

3. We have a machine with which plastic wrap of custom length can be cut, saving enough plastic to stretch more than 60 miles. We also started recycling the polypropylene protective cases we put on the feet of the furniture. Over the past decade, we've recycled more than 50,000 pounds of stuff that would have been thrown away, which significantly reduces the amount of landfill we generate from packaging furniture goods.‌

4. We use finishes that are low in volatile organic compounds (low-VOC) and in hazardous air pollutants (low-HAP), including many water-based finishes on our upholstered furniture. Air stays cleaner, from our workshops all the way to your home.In our upholstery workshops, we begin each piece with a frame crafted from engineered hardwood, much of which we source from sustainable forests.Around each frame, our artisans wrap low-VOC, CertiPUR-US® certified fiber batting and foam—no harmful ozone depleters, carcinogenic flame retardants, or formaldehyde, just a foundation for years of comfort and coziness.