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Pru Stehpult

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The appearance of Coast standing desk is different from the traditional adjustable desk, making your office style more fashionable.


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  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Freely adjust the desk height to safeguard your lumbar spine, catering to individuals of various heights, including children, men, and women.
  • Safety-First Design: The stable carbon lifting frame ensures safety, and the adjustment button includes a child lock to prevent accidental injuries to children.
  • Smart chip: The coast table contains a smart chip, which has the functions of overheating protection, rebound when encountering obstacles, memory gears, balance detection, and altitude display.
  • Full saddle leather wrapping: The entire table is covered in saddle leather from the top to the legs, with clear texture, fashionable and beautiful appearance. Give you a unique visual enjoyment.
  • Large Storage: Addressing customer needs, the table is equipped with three large-capacity drawers, along with a computer cable storage panel and reserved cable slot holes at the back.


Coast standing desk is crafted exclusively with solid wood for both the table panels and legs, adding an air of sophistication. Our focus is on creating distinctive, top-tier standing desks to offer you a truly unique and elevated experience.

Featuring a quad-core dual-motor system, the Coast desk incorporates a pure copper silent dual-motor mechanism. This enhances stability, balance, and durability during lifting. The carefully chosen core technology motor ensures simultaneous and noise-free elevation and descent on both sides, providing seamless lifting.

Take A Closer Look

  • Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-simple controls

    Simple Controls

    There are 4 levels of buttons that can control the height.

  • Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-easy storage

    Easy Storage

    More storage space makes your desktop look tidier.

  • Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-durable surface

    Durable Surface

    High-quality multi-layer solid wood desktop that is impermeable and not prone to mold.

  • Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-sturdy base

    Sturdy Base 

    Solid wood table feet provides strong support up to 330lbs.

  • Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-stable frame

    Stable Frame

    The carbon steel lifting frame and dual motor design for a stable and quiet raise.

Minutes to Assemble

A patented quick-attach system allows for simple assembly in minutes.

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Why use a Coast standing desk?

The Coast desk offers a solution with its ergonomic design, allowing users to seamlessly transition to a standing office mode with a simple click. This shift from sitting to standing helps alleviate pressure on the spine and cervical region, reducing the risk of discomfort and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting during work or study sessions.


What makes saddle leather a preferred choice?

Crafted from authentic leather fiber and natural latex, saddle leather boasts an oil-dyed epidermis, resulting in a glossy surface. Its longevity surpasses that of regular cowhide, providing a genuine leather look and feel. Additionally, saddle leather is waterproof, environmentally friendly, and free from pollution, as it requires no chemical dyeing.

Where are your desks made?

Our desks are all manufactured in the United States, and we have a large manufacturing facility in California.

What are the work surfaces made of?

Panel material: Multilayer solid wood board

Table leg material: Carbon steel

Dual motor: Pure copper motor

How stable are the desks?

Our desks can support a weight of up to 330 lbs, which is equivalent to 0.04 elephants.

How do I clean the work surface?

The desk surface is coated, and stains can be easily removed with a gentle wipe. We recommend regularly dusting and wiping down the desk with gentle multi-surface cleaner wipes.

What is the setup or reset process for electric desks?

Coast Adjustable Height desk frames are powered by electricity, so they need to be plugged into a socket for it to work. If the power supply is cut, it can be used as a static height table. Please note that the height of the table will be retained from when it was last adjusted before cutting the power supply.

Is the product stress tested?

Yes, our products undergo professional certification, and the lifting mechanism is tested through 500 cycles of up and down movements to ensure durability and reliability.

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Coast Adjustable Standing Desk-brown

Pru Stehpult

Ab $2,099.00 USD

Die Pru Schreibtisch Ist vollständig mit Sattel leder bedeckt, einschl ießlich der gesamten Tischplatte, der Tischkante und der Tischbeine. Sattel leder besteht aus einer Mischung aus echten Leder fasern und Natur latex. Die Oberfläche des Leders wurde öl gefärbt, um ihm eine glänzende Oberfläche und eine längere Lebensdauer als Rindsleder zu verleihen.


Produkt details

Diese Schreibtisch Hat eine 4-Gang-Memory-Lift-Anpassungs funktion. Diese Schreibtisch Hat auch eine Kinder verriegelung funktion, eine abnormale Schwerkraft erkennungs funktion usw. und die maximale Tragfähigkeit beträgt 150kg.

Der Liner der Schublade des Tisches ist in Flanell gewickelt, das stilvoll aussieht. Es gibt einen reservierten Platz für Ladekabel auf dem Tisch, um Ihren Desktop ordentlich und leise zu halten.

Die Beine der Schreibtisch Sind Hebe rahmen aus A3 Kohlenstoffs tahl, die sehr stabil sind und während des Gebrauchs nicht wackeln. Der Tisch boden besteht aus mehr schicht igem Massivholz, das mit Sattel leder überzogen ist.

Paket beinhaltet:

-1 Schreibtisch

-1 Set von Montage werkzeugen

-1 Benutzer handbuch


  • 55,1 Zoll
  • 62,9 Zoll


  • Braun
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