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Environmental Initiatives

Kinnls' Environmental Initiative

Kinnls launched a public initiative with the theme of "Environmental Protection - Love Home" - calling on home furnishing enterprises to take social responsibility, provide the market with more environmentally friendly, low-carbon and durable products, and not to over-sell; calling on consumers to establish the correct concept of environmentally friendly living. We call on consumers to establish the correct concept of environmental protection, to leave space moderately white, not to over-consume and not to waste.

1.Strictly abide by various environmental protection laws, regulations and rules, strictly discharge pollutants in accordance with the law, be honest and law-abiding, disclose corporate environmental protection information, and actively accept media and social supervision. Any environmental violation will be publicly apologized to society through the media and will consciously accept punishment.

2.Truthfully declare the production and discharge status of the enterprise, pay the sewage fee in full and on time, and conscientiously fulfill the social responsibility and social obligations of the enterprise.

3.Actively participate in cleaner production audits, use clean energy, purchase green raw materials, adopt advanced processes, comprehensively utilize energy, actively reduce the total amount of pollutant emissions, reduce pollution emissions, and strive to maximize economic, social and environmental benefits.

4.Carry out standardized management of environmental protection and establish complete environmental protection materials for enterprises, standardize operation and regularly inspect pollution control equipment, use pollution prevention and control facilities normally, ensure that pollutant discharges meet full standards, and put an end to illegal discharge and excessive discharge.

5.Strengthen the sense of creditworthiness, abide by environmental protection credit, the concept of integrity runs through the entire process of enterprise production and operation, ensure the normal operation of pollution control facilities, so that it is the same environment on holidays or working days, the same environment in day or night, it is the same thing the EPA checks or not, and be a model of integrity and law-abiding.

6.Actively participate in environmental protection public welfare activities, at the same time doing a good job in their own environmental protection work. Every year to participate in the promotion of environmental protection, advocate environmental protection, and strive to shape the green image of the enterprise. Then promote the harmonious development of enterprises and the environment.

In recent years, Kinnls has continued to be strict with itself on environmental issues regardless of the cost, not only to provide quality products, but also to practice corporate social responsibility. "Many people ask Kinnls why we upgrade to the new solid wood structural panels. It costs a lot more, but Kinnls thinks it's worth it! Because, it is in line with the national development concept, it is in demand and has a future!"

"From the perspective of long-term development, the use of environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable and re-mountable materials can reduce energy consumption and be more friendly to the environment."

Kinnls calls on home furnishing enterprises to assume social responsibility and provide the market with more environmentally friendly, low-carbon, energy-efficient and durable products without over-selling.