Ashdale Bedside Table

Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)
Ashdale Bedside Table (7645178134761)

Ashdale Bedside Table

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Product Details

Ashdale is a quiet and elegant bedside table, which is a lovely companion by the bed, to create quality furniture bedroom.

Ashdale Bedside Table

Although the bedside table is small, it is an indispensable part of life. Desk lamp, mobile phone, smart speaker, books, skincare products, headdresses, etc. can be stored inside. The counter is made of imported snow mountain stone slabs, which are hard, environmentally friendly, and wear-resistant. The durable interior is equipped with ultraviolet antibacterial lamps to effectively inhibit harmful bacteria. With high hardness ultra-clear transparent acrylic cabinet feet, makes the room a modern style.

The new material inorganic nano micro cement finish has high strength adhesion, high durability, and strong stain resistance.

The imported rock slab is a wear-resistant antibacterial environmental protection countertop, which is no fear of blade grinding, does not suck up dirt, and is easy to clean. The color would not be changed for hundreds of years.

The ultra-clear, high-permeability hard acrylic suspension feet are clean and have transparent beauty, which is hard and durable, stable without being shaky.

The finish uses new inorganic nano-micro cement material. Micro cement material is a new representative surface decorative material, the composition is cement, water-based resin-modified polymer, with high strength adhesion, thin thickness, strong stain resistance. Inorganic color is more natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy odorless.

The new rock slab material is worn resistant to antimicrobial. If the slab transportation is broken, it can be directly replaced. The best new imported 0.47in matte rock slab is skin-friendly delicate and has a warm feel. The texture is warm and moist, light and stylish. It has scratch resistance and wears resistance, fire resistance and high-temperature resistance, zero penetration, and no pollution absorption.

The countertop is made of imported new natural environmental protection rock slabs. The selection of imported rock slabs as the countertop, making that the texture is natural and atmospheric, the surface feel is delicate and warm, it has high-temperature resistance, wear-resistance, and scratch resistance, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and the rounded corners are rounded, and to prevent the family from bumping, the subtleties show care for you.

The ultra-clear transparent acrylic suspension feet have strong load-bearing. It is with a strict selection of high-quality high-definition transparent acrylic, integrated molding, transparent and elegant, without losing the sense of fashion design, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly, has pressure resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance, and it is easy to bear the capacity of 500KG strong and durable without deformation.

Acrylic is commonly known as special treatment plexiglass, but it is not glass, its strength hardness is more than ten times that of ordinary glass. Besides, acrylic also has crystal-like transparency, the light transmittance of more than 95% ultra-clear and transparent, clear and soft. At the same time acrylic changes in temperature and humidity, as well as acidic and alkaline substances, both have high resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless.


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