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Kevin Nightstand

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Kevin is a smart simple nightstand with a lock, upgraded USBKEY, and fingerprint two unlocking methods to unlock, which can protect our privacy from being violated. It has six functions to achieve multi-use and the mobile phone that supports wireless charging can be charged immediately in the corresponding area on the countertop. There is a Bluetooth speaker on the rear and a low battery reminder function, do not worry about the power running out imperceptibly, it is a nightstand that combines a beautiful appearance and strength.



(Note: Please allow a 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement)

Product Details

The tempered glass countertop is equipped with intelligent touch sensor lights, which can be turned on with a light touch, and a long press can adjust the brightness of the light. It has three kinds of lights that can be switched at will, the light is soft and will not hurt people's eyes, and can be used as a night light, which does not take up space and does not need to worry about disturbing the people who sleep with you at night.

Dual USB ports with automatic shunting are provided on both sides, which can be moved left and right without being limited by the space in the room. Two dual USB ports and wireless charging allow you to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time without waiting.

The upper and lower layers of sliding drawers provide more storage space to put our objects, and the angle of placement also makes it easier for us to take and put items. Daily items can be sorted to prevent cluttered things in the home, helping to create a clean and comfortable home environment.

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