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Kelly Nightstand

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Kelly is a retro bedside table made of solid wood, which is extremely delicate in quality and highly resistant to corrosion. It is specially designed for small condos and can be placed in every corner, taking up very little space. It has a wireless charging function reserved on the back, which can be fixed, charging is more convenient, and it also has an invisible effect, making it more beautiful overall.


(Notes: Please allow a 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement)

Product Details

The wide-area design of the drawer allows the entire drawer to be fully opened, which is convenient for you to operate. Its drawer handles can also hold some items. The glass cabinet of this bedside table is crystal clear, with the high-end sense of a window display cabinet, and you can see the things stored inside.

The custom-made black bilateral handle makes it easier to pull the drawer and can be pulled away at will whether it is placed on the left or right side of the bed, and the handles look like a robot's eye when the drawer is closed.

The bottom of the nightstand has plenty of space to store some unwanted items or shoes, and the design off the floor is lighter to avoid the feeling of bloat, and it is also more convenient for daily cleaning.

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